June 10

Building Challenge

For the building challenge this week, we were told to create a paper airplane that can hold weight! We had to attach coins to our plane, and see how far it could travel. I made my paper plane, and tested it…it went all the way across the living room! After that, I started to attach three coins to each wing…It flew the same distance! I decided I wanted to push it a little further, I put a toonie in the middle and decided that it was enough. In the end, my plane was able to hold $2.25/25.95 grams.

March 22

Innovation Day

At school, once a year we have Innovation Day. Innovation Day is when we create\research something that we want to fix, or are interested in. For Innovation Day this year I chose to make a Bionic Hand. I made the bone structure in a hand, out of playdough. I used toothpicks to connect the bones together. I also did a big research project on hands, and how they work. In my project I included information about bones, muscles and joints. Did you know that there are 27 bones in one hand alone. Also, a quarter of the bones in your body, are in just your hands. For my Innovation Day I also made a QR code survey to complete. Some of the comments I got are: a real x- to compare my model to, more images on my board, models of both hands instead of just one, explain about what it means to be double jointed and what a bionic hand does opposed to a real hand. If you want to read my Innovation Day project, click HERE for the writeup. If you have any comments or questions on my writeup or my model, you can comment bellow.

January 29

Mes Vacances

Sur cette dernière pause hivernale je suis allé en Floride. Permettez-moi d’abord de 

vous parlez du trajet en voiture, ma sœur a crié toute la nuit pour rien. en Floride ma 

maman a vu un alligator escalader une clôture. En Floride nous sommes allé à 

Seaworld. A Sea World, ma maman et mon frère Nadav sont allé sur une montagne 

russes.  Les montagnes russes vont sur la piste et une personne a  dit “we are having 

some technical difficulties the ride should start up soon: ma maman a été très effrayée.

bientôt les montagnes russes ont commencé à remonter la piste et ma maman a eu peur.

En Floride nous sommes allé à Legoland,  à Legoland c’est les Lego 

Personnages, les personnages sont très très grand. 

à Legoland il y a des montagnes russes que tu portes des lunettes 4D et ça 

ressemble à une piste de course de la vie.  À Legoland il y a eu un safari de Lego, le safari et Lego animaux.

En Floride il y a eu une balade à Ninjago, dans la balade on fait semblant de couper tous 

les enemies en 3D

En Floride je suis allé au  Kennedy Space Center, au le Kennedy Space Center il 

y a eu une navette spatiale à l’intérieur du bâtiment. A Kennedy Space Center il y a eu 

aussi  des fusées à l’extérieur du bâtiment.

Merci pour avoir écouter  mes vacances bizarre.. 


January 27

Modeh Ani And Torah Torah In My Own Words

Hi it’s Red Supreme, I am writing about what I think the prayers Modeh Ani And Torah Torah mean.

Modeh Ani: Thank you god for returning my soul. This is a prayer that we say when we wake up in the morning.  It is saying thank you god for giving me back my school.

Torah Torah: Thank you Mosheh for giving us the torah. This is one of our regular prayers that we say every day. It is saying thank you to mosheh for giving us the torah.

Thanks for reading,

-Red supreme

January 16

Crack A Book

I chose the idiom “crack a book” because it one of my favourite idioms. It is one of my favourite idioms because it is funny, and it is a very  different from other idioms, such as couch potato,cool as a cucumber and draw a blank (which are some of my other favourite idioms.) This idiom means to start studying as in take a book, sit down with it, and study.

-Red Supreme

January 9

Scientist In The School

At school we had something called scientist in the school, scientist in the school is when a scientist comes to our class to teach us about, well, science. The scientist that came to our class taught us all about adams, the periodic table and did some experiments with chemical reactions. We made a mixture that got hotter and changed from red to orange. We also made a mixture that got cold and turned from purple to pink. After that we got to test different powders (and crystals) with different liquids. When we finished we got to use our data to figure out 2 powders that were mixed together and find out at the end if we were right.


December 2



Did you know that jews have their own way of celebrating, we celebrate lots of holiday but the one I am telling you about a holiday called “Purim”. Purim is a holiday where we dress up in a costume and drive around giving treat bags to all of our friends. On Purim we also have a traditional treat called hamentashen, in hebrew called אוזני המן [the ears of Haman] you might be asking who this Haman guy is and why his ears are so famous. Well I can tell you, Hamman is the bad guy in the Purim story. 


I have provided a BimBam video to explain the story of Purim.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/mYGqOMe-DqQ” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

December 2

The Pirate, The Princess And Me, The Rat

The Pirate, The Princess And Me, The Rat


In class we read a story in the Nelson Literacy called The Pirate, The Princess And Me, The Rat, by Linda Bailey. I think The Pirate, The Princess And Me, The Rat is a short fictional story, because, on page 4 the rat specifically says, “Hey, buddy,” I snarled. “How’d you like a little bubonic plague?”.  Rats can’t talk and so this story can’t be true. Also, because the rat can’t write a story since it is written by Linda Bailey, not “the rat”. This story is also fictional because pirates are not real. Pirates are fictional character

It is now impossible to be true, until pirates are real, and rats can talk, this is a fictional story.